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This one is so much fun as it fizzes away and changes the color of the water. Add to that Gabriel and Imber made this one smell so dang good! And as with every bath product we've tried from skin feels AMAZING after taking a bath with one of these. This one is my partners favorite! LOVE THESE!!!


Okay so i've now used 3 of these and every time I'm more glad I did! The smell...oh my the heavenly. And how soft my skin is afterwards....WONDERFUL!

I'll continue to buy this as it really is one of my favorites!

Thanks guys for making amazing bath products!

Makes you feel rich

Soaking in a tub which smells like strawberries and champagne can easily boost your self esteem on hard days. I love the way it changes the bath water. It’s just a fun way to relax!!

Alchemy Body Creme - Nihil
It’s wonderful

I’ve bought this a couple times and it’s super moisturizing. It’s a nice creamy lotion which isn’t too heavy, or too light. It’s perfect for hydrating your skin in Colorado

Best lip balm ever

This lip balm is super moisturizing. It keeps my lips hydrated for hours! The flavor is great as well.

Great for perfume sensitivities

I started buying this a year ago to combat winter dryness and cracking from climbing chalk drying out my skin. This works great, applying on just my hands a couple times a day I go through one order every six or so months. Absorbs very quickly, smells neutral (I'm very sensitive to perfume), and obviously moisturizes very well.

Fresh and Clean

I love this scent so much. It’s manly and nostalgic and I can’t get enough. The bar itself lathers well and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. You better not bathe without this!

Light, Beautiful Candle

This candle has such an intricate scent. It really reminds me of rainy days, and I absolutely love it! It burns well and has a crackling wick for an extra cozy feel! A must have to help create a fresh, inviting space!

Fresh and Charming

I love this fragrance! It’s manly and strong but so clean and fresh. It’s absolutely perfect for any occasion and has a long wear time. I would absolutely recommend it!

Great soap

A truly amazing smelling bar of soap. Can't tell you how many times I catch myself smelling the scent throughout the day! It has a tidy, sexy masculine scent. Definitely recomend.

the PERFECT lip balm!

Found the wonderful people running this store at a mall near me and bought this lip balm, it's really hard to find lipbalms I like and I usually never repurchase but i will 100% do so, its hand made, a stiffer formula but also hydrates(hard to find,most lip balms dont hydrate or run out immediately) I love this brand so much and the balm smells and tastes delicious!

Aqua Regia - Caelum
Light and breezy.

The best way I can describe the scent is light and breezy; hints of sweet underneath. There’s also a whiff of something that makes it feel deep, I know that’s vague but that’s the best I can explain. I imagine this would be what my true love smells like.

Exfoliating Body Bar
Jerily Rushworth

Gah, i love this SO much! It works wonders, and did so for me in only 10 seconds! A bit of water and gentle rubbing on my hand, and the texture was transformed..I was amazed! So soft and instantly smoother, I raved about it for some time afterwards. An all-in-one bar that cleanses, smoothes and hydrates..what more could you want? I will need more when this one is gone.

Alchemy Body Creme - Winter Candy Apple
Jerily Rushworth
A winter necessity

Wow, this is a savior for dry, winter skin. It's just thick enough, while still soaking into skin and moisturizing immediately. It's rich and scented perfectly..a perfect companion for the candy apple bath bomb. This has turned my hands from desert dry and looking 100 years old, to soft and youthful looking. It's so wonderful, I can't wait to use it, and a little goes a long way..this will last!

Marshmallow Cake Bath Bomb - Winter Candy Apple
Jerily Rushworth
So much fun!

Not only does this little guy just explode in your tub like a mother, it makes the water so pretty and smells so good! Fruity, spicy, sweet..i adore it! I love seeping in pretty water & and candy scents!

Luxury Candle - Indulgence
Jerily Rushworth
So appropriately named!

Oh, this is luscious! Wow, this scent is decadent and when it burns, it brings it to a whole new level! It's like a treat for the nose, room, soul and mood! Reward yourself with this long lasting enhancement to any room

unique and woks!

great unique scent and flavor. stays hydrated all day. Very glad i ordered.

Imperium Bar - No. 15
Stephanie VanEsselstine
I make up reasons to go smell my soap

Oh imperium bar no. 15, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways. Seriously though, this soap smells so gosh dang good. I may or may not go to the bathroom, just to smell it. Also my skin feels amazingly soft after using it.


I held it in my hands and just smelled it for awhile before using it, that's how good it smelled! It's even more lovely in warm water and you're immersed in it! And like all the luna bombs, it makes your skin velvety! These are decadent and turn a boring bath from 'i gotta' to 'i have to' ! Escape from a long day or start a new day with an extraordinary experience and olfactory present to yourself!

A treat!

This is just like slipping into fall or winter, while staying warm and surrounded by the most delicious oils. Unbelievable. The scent, combined with how they make you feel, is like truly spoiling yourself. Great for summer, when you're missing the colder months like I am, this takes you there instantly. The scent lingers just enough and my skin gets baby soft. I like soaking after a shower so I don't wash the loveliness off. Treat yourself now, you'll be glad you did.

The best!!

I have used facial oils for some time now and when I was running low on the one I have been using, I knew I wanted to try this one.. Man, I'm glad I did! This is the best oil I've used! It's named as a beard elixir, but it's good for skin and hair and when other facial oils have sat on top of my skin, this one seeped in beautifully, moisturizing it wonderfully. The combination of oils have worked to even my skin tone as well, plumping and softening it too. The scent is amazing as well, and because it goes on the face, its gentle and not at all cloying. This oil takes the cake and I'll keep using it.. Thank you!

Daughter's Favorite

My daughter loves this bar. It really helped her clear up her complexion without leaving her skin dry. An absolute must have!